For all body parts, all skin types. Painless, permanent reduction in hair growth for dark hair only.

Permanent hair removal for grey, red, blonde or white hair. Also for eye brow shaping

Fractional nonablative for improving skin texture such as fine lines and acne scars

For reducing redness, freckles, and brown age related spots or sun damage on face, chest hands, arms, legs.

Radiofrequency for tightening face, neck and chest

Laser for face, chest, legs

Laser treatment reduces redness and stimulates new skin growth

Laser treatment reduces redness, smoothes raised scars

Laser treatment for dark tattoos

Evens skin tone and texture, reduces brown spots and melasma

For legs, arms and buttocks

For abs, legs, arms, buttocks

Sound waves gently but very effectively exfoliate, stimulate, and hydrate without causing blotchiness or breakouts.

Medical Grade resurfacing treatment that clears out your pores, plus it hydrates, cleanses and exfoliates $175

Reduce dynamic wrinkles around eyes (11’s and crow’s feet) and forehead

Replace lost volume and enhance facial areas such as cheeks, chin, “smile lines” and “marionette lines”

Kybella injection for double chin

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